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The following provides a summary of program resources and physical accessibility within SDSU.

Departmental Resources | University Resources | Physical Resources

Department Resources

Resources available and utilized by the faculty, staff, and students within the RCP are greatly enhanced by the network of relationships between the RCP and, the Departments of Educational Technology, and Adaptive Physical Education, and linkages with the Departments of Communicative Disorders, Aging, Public Health, Special Education, Engineering, and Counseling and School Psychology. These linkages result in a substantive and more diversified exposure to state-of-the-art technologies in human services and clinical programs as well as increased educational opportunities.

University Resources

Resources available to faculty and staff include the University Library which supports the research needs of the University community through its holdings of over 928,000 monographs and bound periodicals, 494,000 gover nment documents, 2.8 million microforms, and other resources. The Library has automated acquisitions, cataloging, circulation and serial controls systems. Computer-based bibliographic search services are offered in over 100 data bases. The Library prov ides for interlibrary loan through a direct link with several thousand other libraries using the computer and telecommunications facilities of the On Line Library Computer Center bibliographic utility. Further, the current expansion of the physical facil ities will double the current capability.

The Social Science Research Laboratory facilitates faculty research and supports a diverse set of instructional programs. The SSRL offers a complete range of survey research services, including sa mple design and execution, coding and data reduction, and data archiving and retrieval. Media Technology Services provides support to faculty and staff in acquisition and distribution of instructional media, distribution and maintenance of audiovisual equipment, and in the design of instruction. The Faculty Room is a special section of Media Technology, and provides consulta tion for faculty and staff which include assistance in the preparation of instructional packages, presentation materials and media design.

The SDSU Computing Security Group is a division of the Telecommunications & Network Services department. We provide a wide range of computing security services to the campus community

Physical Resources

The campus at SDSU has actively sought to make all locations accessible to individuals with disabilities. The following are characteristics of the facilities that are utilized by faculty, staff, and students:

  • Most of the seminars, fieldwork, and practicum courses are held at the Interwork Institute (II) located at 3590 Camino Del Rio North, San Diego. The Interwork Institute offices and classroom are on the first floor with bathrooms, phones, power doors to the offices and classrooms, and water fountains all fully accessible. This structure has no identified architectural barriers.

  • Faculty offices on campus are on the third floor of the North Education building with elevator access, sufficient door widths, etc. All buildings on campus have accessible bathrooms.

  • Classrooms for lecture courses in the RCP are held in the North Education building. Elevators and automatic door openers for outside entrance are available.

  • General use spaces (i.e., Library, cafeteria, etc.) are accessible. An ongoing committee (through Disabled Student Services) insures that suggestions for changes and modifications are reviewed and implemented.

  • A vocational assessment laboratory using psychometric tests, work samples, work capacity evaluation instruments (e.g., computer assisted assessment system), computerized data retrieval system for occupational information, and a full set of occupational documents are available for exclusive use by the students in the RCP.

  • Specialized equipment for the students including two porta-pak units for videotaping and all support equipment, and micro-computer and mainframe computer work stations for faculty and staff.

  • The RCP clerical staff and faculty are accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing students and practitioners via telecommunicative devices (TTY) and certified interpreters to facilitate conferences, classroom learning experiences, academic and extracurricular appointments, and activities.

Disabled Student Services at SDSU provides the following services:

  1. transportation
  2. reader service
  3. notetaking service
  4. interpreter service
  5. attendant referrals
  6. special admissions assistance, and
  7. housing referral.
The students within the RCP who require special services can make extensive use of all services offered by Disabled Student Services.



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