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Partners and Collaboraters


  • Area Board 13 Office of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities

          750 B Street, Suite 1830
          San Diego, CA 92101
          Phone: (619) 645-3000
          Fax: (619) 645-3008

  • Exceptional Family resource Center
    9245 Sky Park Court, Suite 130
    San Diego, Ca 92123
    (858) 268-82521-800-281-8252
    (San Diego/Imperial Counties Only)
  • People First of California, Inc.
    1225 8th Street, Suite 210
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 552-6625
    Fax: (916) 387-2379
  • San Diego Regional Center Main Office
    4355 Ruffin Rd., Suite 200
    San Diego , CA 92123
    (858) 576-2996
    Fax: (858) 576-2873


Other Great Organizations

  • Toward Maximum Independence
    4740 Murphy Canyon Road Ste. 300
    San Diego , CA 92123
    (858) 467- 0600


Youth Information, Training, and Resource Centers Funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADDYIC's) in Other States


Set Yourself Free

Southwest Institute for Families and Children with Special Needs (SWI) proposes to expand the role of the Arizona Youth Action Council (YAC-AZ) to initiate the Set Yourself Free project. Established in 2003, YAC-AZ, organized youth and emerging leaders with disabilities and special health care needs. YAC-AZ is virtually linked, has a governance structure, assesses needs and wants, engages in recreational activities, and participates in AZ Legislative Awareness events. Now YAC-AZ in concert with SWI and partners, proposes to create a virtual and real-time resource center in Phoenix., AZ with satellites in two border and two rural communities, and on the Navajo nation.

Southwest Institute for Families and Children
5111 N. Scottsdale Rd., #158
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Contact: Karen Burstein, PhD, Director
E-mail: k.burstein@swifamilies.org
Voice Telephone: 480 222-8800 Ext 26
Fax: 480 222-1080
Web site: http://www.swifamilies.org


Northwest Arkansas Youth Center

The Human Services Research Institute proposes to team with Arkansas People First, the Arkansas Supports Network and other members of the developmental disability services network to establish the Northwest Arkansas Youth Information, Training and Resource Center. The Center's primary goal will be to help people complete their high school education, pursue post high school education or job training, seek and maintain employment, build personal assets or otherwise improve their lives. More specifically, the Center will offer opportunity for participants to "drop in" for information and support, and attend Leadership Academies to sharpen self-advocacy.

Northwest Arkansas Youth Center
c/o Arkansas Support Network
6836 Isaac's Orchard Road
Springdale, AR 72762

Contact: Julie Petty, Project Coordinator
E-mail: jpetty@hsri.org
Voice Telephone: 479-927-4100 or 503 927-3783 Ext 21

Washington, DC

Training and Resource Self Advocacy Empowerment Center

Inclusion Research Institute is a recognized leader in research, development, and implementation of projects and programs that enable persons of all ages, including individuals with disabilities, to be independent, productive and included in all aspects of community life. This project builds on the success of the Training and Resource Self-Advocacy Empowerment Center for Youth and Emerging Leaders in the District of Columbia. This initiative provides District of Columbia youth and emerging leaders training, opportunities and information on employment, education, housing, and transportation in the city. The Youth empowerment and Advocacy Resource Center focuses on the following areas of emphasis: education, employment, and transportation. A key component of the project provide information and referral services to youth and emerging leaders, their families, and youth related services providers.

Inclusion Research Institute
1010 Wisconsin Ave, Ste 340
Washington, DC 20007

Contact: Laura White, Project Manager
E-mail: lwhite@inclusionresearch.org
Voice Telephone: 202 338-7153, Ext 210
Fax: 202 338-7216


Youth Information, Training and Resource Center

The Family Café believes in the adage that "knowledge is power" and that better-informed individuals make better decisions for themselves. In its implementation of the Youth Information, Training and Resource Centers program, The Family Café will provide youth and emerging leaders with disabilities in Florida with the information, supports, and resources they need to move from passenger seat to the driver's seat when it comes to navigating their own transition planning. The Family Café will implement a program that will enable youth and emerging leaders to take a leadership role on their own transition planning, develop confidence and community, and move toward adulthood with direction and confidence.

The Family Café, Inc
1332 North Duval St
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Contact: Lori Fahey, Director
E-mail: lfahey@familycafe.net
Voice Telephone: 850 224-4670/Toll-free: 888 309-2233
Fax: 850 224-4674

Web site: http://www.familycafe.net


My Voice, My Choice

"My Voice, My Choice" will create a Youth Information, Training, and Resource Center to infuse self-advocacy into existing adult self-advocacy activities in Hawaii and the region. The center will respond to the following areas of emphasis: education, employment, and quality assurance (self-advocacy). The purpose of the Center is to improve education and employment outcomes for youth by giving them a greater voice in the development of policies and services that affect their choices.

University of Hawaii
1776 University Ave, UA 4-6
Honolulu, HI 96822

Contact: Jean L. Johnson, DrPH, Project Director
E-mail: jeanj@hawaii.edu
Voice Telephone: 808 956-2653

Contact: Jean L. Johnson, DrPH, Project Director
E-mail: jeanj@hawaii.edu
Voice Telephone: 808 956-2653


Center for Youth Information, Education and Leadership for Developmental Disabilities (YIELDD)

Access Living proposes to cultivate a group of young persons with developmental disabilities in their development as self-advocates and emerging leaders. In order to address systemic issues that affect people with developmental disabilities, Access Living aims to build on the success of its already established AYLP leadership model by establishing two new AYLP groups in the state of Illinois. Current AYLP Chicago members and emerging leaders of the YIELDD leadership training will come together to choose an issue that affect persons with developmental disabilities. The new groups will hold forums and network with other organizations to address the issue(s). The overall outcome is to ensure the independence of future generations of people with developmental disabilities.

Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago
115 West Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60610

Contact: Rahnee Patrick, Project Coordinator
E-mail: rpatrick@accessliving.org
Voice Telephone: 312 640-212
TTY: 312 640-2170


The Pathways Center

IPSII Inc. is a diverse non-profit organization, comprised of individuals with disabilities, their families, and service providers. The primary areas of focus will be employment, education, housing, and quality assurance. The Pathways Center will expand eligibility for Pathways Center activities to all youth and emerging leaders with developmental disabilities (DD) in North Minneapolis. The Pathways Center will provide youth friendly products via the IPSII Inc. website, national, state, local forums, and other partners.

6611 Lynwood Blvd
Richfield, MN 55423

Contact: Julie Kenney
E-mail: julie_kenney@ksg02.harvard.edu
Voice Telephone: 612 861-3215


Youth Information, Training, and Resource Centers, Project TRIAD (Training, Resources and Information for the Advancement of Degrees)

The primary purpose of this project is to assist youth that are transitioning from school to adult life in accessing postsecondary training opportunities that will focus on the academic and leadership development skills necessary for employment, self-determination, and community engagement and leadership.

University of Southern Mississippi
Box 5163
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5163

Contact: Jane Z Siders, EdD, Director
E-mail: jane.siders@usm.edu
Voice Telephone: 601 266-5695
Contact: Jerry Alliston, Project Coordinator
E-mail: jerry.alliston@usm.edu
Voice Telephone: 601 266-5979
TTY: 1-888-671-0051


Youth LEAD: Leadership, Education, and Advocacy for Youth with Disabilities

The overall goal of this project is "to create a sustained community infrastructure through which to support the leadership development of youth and merging leaders with developmental disabilities." The focus areas of this project are continuing education, inclusive recreation, and community employment via person centered planning and mentoring. This project will have a primary focus of engaging and supporting leadership development for youth from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds within the urban area of Kansas City. The University of Missouri, Institute for Human Development (UMKC-IHD) as the lead applicant will partner with youth, their families, self-advocates, community youth serving organizations, states agencies, and others to plan and implement this project.

Curators, University of Missouri
2220 Holmes St., Third Floor
Kansas City, MO 64108

Contact: Carl F.Calkins, PhD, Director
E-mail: calkinsc@umkc.edu
Voice Telephone: 816 235-1770


Montana Transition Training, Information and Resource Center

The MT-TIRC activities and outcomes will focus on education, employment, and inclusive recreation and housing. Through collaboration with the Montana Advocacy Program, Developmental Disabilities Council, Office of Public instruction, Parent Training and Information Center, ADAPT, MonTECH and the Developmental Disabilities Program, MT-TIRC will increase access to employment and inclusive community living for young people with developmental disabilities. MT-TIRC will serve as a centralized resource that provides responsive, state-of- the-art information, publications, technical assistance and training through a variety of on-site and long distance modes to young people, families, schools and agencies.

University of Montana - Rural Institute
634 Eddy Ave, 009 CHC
Missoula, MT 59812

Contact: Ellen Condon, Director
E-mail: condon@ruralinstitute.umt.edu
Voice Telephone: 406 243-4134/Toll-free: 800-732-0323

New Hampshire

Center on Youth Empowerment Services (YES)

YES will serve as a source of information and referral for youth and young adults with developmental disabilities. YES will also provide leadership and self-advocacy training to 15 young people annually, ages 16-24 through its Youth Leadership Series, and also enroll them in two transition related planning and support systems. NH People First will be a key partner and will help to inform, connect, and mentor the youth and emerging leaders. In addition, various local and state centers and agencies will assist the project to meet its goals by participating in recruitment, training, dissemination, and the development of a long-term sustainability for YES.

Institute on Disabilities
University of New Hampshire
56 Old Suncook Rd., Suite 2
Concord, NH 03301

Contact: Mary Schuh, Project Coordinator
E-mail: mcschuh@unh.edu
Voice Telephone: 603 228-2084
Fax: 603 228-3270
TTY: 603 862-4320

New Mexico

El Poder de Los Jovenes (Empowerment of Youth)

The Arc of New Mexico goal is to promote positive outcomes for young people with developmental disabilities in the areas of education, employment, transportation, and healthy lifestyles. Through involvement in the project, young people will increase their chances of graduating from high school with a standard diploma, obtaining and maintaining employment, participating in community activities of their choice, and developing healthy lifestyles. The center will be " a center without walls", coordinated out of The Arc of NM's southern office in Anthony with activities taking place in communities throughout the project area with a focus on Chaparral, a very isolated community of about 6,000 people. The "center without walls" concept will be an efficient way to serve a large, sparsely populated rural area using limited resources. Person with disabilities will be employed as core project staff as well as in mentoring and training roles. In addition, they will form the majority of the advisory committee guiding the center's activities, demonstrating an inclusive model in which individuals with disabilities are key participants and not merely passive recipients of services.

The Arc of New Mexico
3655 Carlise, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Contact: Randy Costales, Project Director
E-mail: rcostales@arcnm.org
Voice Telephone: 505 883-4630
Fax: 505 883-5564
Contact: Priscilla Salinas,
E-mail: psalinas@arcnm.org
Voice Telephone: 505 882-9208
Fax: 505 882-5799

North Carolina

Youths for Advocacy (Y4A)

Youth 4 Advocacy (Y4A) is a three-year Youth Information, Training and Resource Center project designed to link youths with developmental disabilities and emerging leaders across North Carolina, empowering youths to transition successfully from school to adult life in their communities. Y4A will provide students with rehearsal-for-life training through activities led by emerging leaders. Y4A will also provide ongoing, hands-on technical assistance in classrooms at a demonstration site, in collaboration with the NC Department of Public Instruction's Occupational Course of Study. Furthermore, Y4A will build a network among 12 district youth-driven projects/agencies. By initiating a strong collaboration among these committees' partners, opportunities for community inclusion will increase, and a sustainable approach to successful transition for NC youths with disabilities will be achieved and maintained beyond funding for this project.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Campus Box 7255
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7255

Contact: Deborah Zuver, Project Director
E-mail: deborah.zuver@cdl.unc.edu
Voice Telephone: 919 966-3603
Fax: 919 966-2230
Contact: Kira Fisher, Project Coordinator
E-mail: Kira.fisher@cds.unc.edu
Voice Telephone: 919 966-3603
Fax: 919 966-2230


Oklahoma Alliance for Youth (OKAY)

The Oklahoma Alliance for Youth (OKAY) proposed to create new exemplary practices and products to support youth and adult with developmental disabilities in self-advocacy, leadership, health, and transportation. To accomplish the goals of the project, OKAY will partner with University Center for Excellence at the OU Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council, Developmental Disabilities Services Division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Oklahoma People First, Oklahoma Parent Training and Information Center, Metro Tech Career Center and Sooner Success. The project engaged unserved and underserved youth (ages 13 through 17) and emerging leaders (ages 18 through 30) with developmental disabilities living in the Oklahoma County area. The overarching goal for the project is to improve the odds for youth with developmental disabilities to graduate from high school with a standard high school diploma and emerging leaders with developmental disabilities to seek and maintain employment.

Oklahoma Alliance for Youth
National Center for Disability Education & Training
University of Oklahoma
3200 Marshall Ave, Ste 201
Norman, OK 73072-8032

Contact: Rebecca F. Cook, Director
E-mail: rfcook@ou.edu
Voice Telephone: 405 325-0158
Fax: 405 325-1632
Contact: Jeanette Doty, Project Coordinator
Voice Telephone: 405 325-1055
Fax: 405 325-1632


Oregon Emerging Youth Leaders Consortium

This project will address the need for full participation in daily life and active community engagement by youth and young adults using a multi-agency, multi-model approach. The project will develop a community and web-based youth information, training, and resource center that address multiple areas. The Oregon Emerging Youth Leaders Consortium, with Incight as the lead agency, will build upon the existing strategies and expertise of the partners to address the areas of health, employment and education of youth with disabilities with targeted outcomes of increased school completion with receipt of standard high school diploma, post secondary enrollment and employment through skill development, mentoring and internships, and increased employment opportunities.

Incight Company
733 SW Oak St, Ste 200
Portland, OR 97205

Contact: Scott Hatley, Director
E-mail: scott@incight.org
Voice Telephone: 971 244-0305
Fax: 971 224-0304
Web site: http://www.incight.org


Becoming Leaders for Tomorrow (BLT)

The Center for Persons with Developmental Disabilities at Utah State University has developed the Becoming Leaders for Tomorrow (BLT) project. The three areas of emphasis for the project were education, employment, and health. The targeted communities that would most benefit from this project are youth (ages 13-17) and young adults (ages 18-30) with developmental disabilities and their families who have completed the application process for the Division of Services for People with Disabilities, but have been placed on the "waiting list." The BLT project proposes to provide resources and supports that will promote independent living, transition skills, and relationship of individuals with developmental disabilities. It is expected that by receiving information, training, and referrals, individuals and families on the waiting list will achieve a greater level of self-sufficiency and possibly reduced level of constant worry for their future and child's future.

Center for Persons with Disabilities
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-6800

Contact: Judith Holt, PhD
E-mail: judith@cpd2.usu.edu
Voice Telephone: 435 797-7157


Virginia Center for Self-Advocacy Leadership

The Virginia Center for Self-Advocacy Leadership will provide information, training, and resources to increase self-advocacy leadership skills. The target groups are youth (ages 13 to 17) and young adults (ages 18 to 30) who are emerging leaders, including individuals living in poverty or from unserved or underserved communities. The Center will give young people who have developmental disabilities different types of opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills to become effective self-advocates and leaders, and to connect with other self-advocates throughout the state. The Center will partner with school divisions and local, regional, and state agencies and organizations that involve, or wish to involve, self-advocates in issues important to their lives.

Partnership for People with Disabilities
Virginia Commonwealth University
P O Box 843020
Richmond, VA 23284-3020

Contact: Tera Yoder, EdD
E-mail: tyoder@vcu.edu
Voice Telephone: 804 828-3879


Wisconsin Youth Information Training and Resource Center

The Wisconsin Youth Information and Training and Resource Center (YITRC) is a three-year project, built on a collaborative partnership of four core agencies: Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education & Training Support, Inc, Independence First, a Developmental Network Partner, and Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. WI FACETS proposed to establish a community-based center that will 1) deliver intensive training, information, and support to Milwaukee area young adults with developmental disabilities (ages 13-30) and 2) build community awareness and capacity so that young adults with developmental disabilities are able to pursue self-directed adult lives that are independent, healthy, and rich with community involvement. The project's priority is to target underserved (low-income, rural, minority, limited English proficiency), young adults (ages 13-30) with developmental disabilities who reside in the 4-county Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington) area, with a particular emphasis on education and early intervention, employment, and health.

2714 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Contact: Nelsinia Ramos, Co-Director
E-mail: nramos@wifacets.org
Voice Telephone: 414 374-4645 Ext 124/ Toll-free: 877 374-0511
Fax: 414 374-4655
Contact: Courtney Salzer
E-mail: csalzer@wifacets.org
Voice Telephone: 414 374-4645 Ext 108
Fax: 414 374-4655
TTY: 414 374-4635


National Grantees

National Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth (NCLD/Y)


The Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) serves as a national youth-led information, training, and resource center. IEL has a four-pronged focus on working on developing leaders, developing the capacity of centers for independent living to serve those leaders, the capacity of the staff working directly with the leaders, and supporting the cadre of youth with disabilities-related organizations.


NCLD-Youth, Institute for Educational Leadership
4455 Connecticut Ave, Ste 310
Washington, DC 20008


Contact: Curtis Richards, Project Director
E-mail: richardsc@iel.org
Voice Telephone: 202 822-8405 Ext 163
Contact: Rebecca Hare E-mail: rhare@iel.org
Voice Telephone: 202 822-8405 Ext 127
Web site: http://www.ncld-youth.info


National Youth Leadership Network (NYLN), National Youth Information Center (NYIC)


The National Youth Leadership Network (NYLN) is an organization led by youth and emerging leaders with diverse disabilities. NYLN established the first youth-led national Youth Information Center (NYIC). NYLN is eager to take the NYIC to the next level , by way of evidenced based, youth directed leadership, to create and provide positive outcomes for young people with developmental disabilities in the areas of education, employment, independent living, health care, advocacy, and disability awareness and pride. The NYIC will serve as a support for state YIC development in North Carolina, New York, and Idaho; for curriculum and resource development; for organizational collaboration, public awareness, education, , and outreach; and for information exchange, empowerment, full inclusion and accessibility. These efforts will place specific emphasis on outreaching to and including young people with underrepresented disabilities (i.e. cognitive, psychological, emotional), culturally diverse youth, and areas of need (i.e. areas of low socioeconomic status, rural communities).


National Youth Leadership Network
221 S. Central Ave
Pierre, SD 57501


Contact: Betsy Valnes, Executive Director
E-mail: bvalnes@tie.net
Voice Telephone: 866 480-6565 Ext 225
Fax: 605 224-8320




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